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5 Financial Moves You Should Make 5 Years Before Retirement

Planning for retirement is a lifelong pursuit. Building a sizeable nest egg takes years of saving diligently and being smart with other finance-related issues.

10 Expensive Habits You Can, and Should, Break Today

Everyone holds on to some bad habits, and while many are inconsequential, those that involve money could ultimately take a big toll on our finances.

6 Things That Cost Women More in Retirement

Women have fought through differences and inequalities for ages, and while social and financial gaps are finally beginning to equal out, the prices paid for certain amenities aren’t likely to budge—even in retirement.

3 Things the Olympics Teach Us About Planning for Retirement

The Olympics never fail to showcase the outstanding work ethic, sportsmanship and competitive drive of the world’s best athletes.

5 Pervasive Retirement Myths Americans Must Stop Believing

While myths are often harmless, many of those concerning personal finances could be detrimental to your retirement preparedness.

5 Bankruptcy Myths Dispelled

Filing for bankruptcy is never ideal, but it is sometimes the last resort and only viable option for discharging an overwhelming amount of debt.

5 Ways Millenials Can Avoid Boomer Mistakes

Each generation is born into a unique economic environment, assuming its own financial identity as its members age and prioritize things like work, travel, home buying, and higher education.

7 Reasons Your Card Was Declined (And How to Fix It)

Having a credit card declined is an unwelcome—and often embarrassing—surprise. While it’s expected if you’ve fallen behind on payments or met your credit limit, there are a number of other reasons why your charging ability can be cut off without warning.

13 Common Money Mistakes and Their Solutions

When it comes to money, mistakes are especially easy to make. While there are more ways to stumble financially than we count, there are a number of common errors we all tend to be guilty of making.

Four Ways to Get the Best Financial Aid Deal

With tuition rates continuing to skyrocket, choosing to attend college can mean subjecting yourself or your child to decades of debt. And, while financial aid can help students save thousands, the best offers are rarely given freely.