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8 Financial Tips to Ease the Transition from Military to Civilian Life

Whether the military has been a part-time enlistment or life-long career, transitioning out of the lifestyle can be a difficult chore to undertake when it comes to finances.

Travel Credit Cards 101

Travel Credit Cards 101

Sean Graw for LongLiveYourMoney.com

You’ve probably seen offers for travel credit cards and heard the common refrains, like “earn miles on every purchase you make,” and “get 20,000 miles just for signing up.”

2015 Veterans Day Freebies

Veterans Day is this Wednesday, November 11, and if you’re a past or present member of our military, there will be plenty of freebies for you to indulge in from dawn to dusk.

5 Ways to Minimize Your Investment Fees

5 Ways to Minimize Your Investment Fees

Damian Davila for LongLiveYourMoney.com

You work hard for your money. By consistently socking away money in your investment and retirement accounts, you’re on your way to a more secure financial future.

No Emergency Fund? It’ll Cost You

According to recent research, nearly half of all Americans are living with little to no emergency fund, and couldn’t come up with $2,000 without using a credit card or selling off their own belongings.

Veteran’s Day 2014 Freebies

Businesses across the country are gearing up to show their appreciation for our veterans this November 11.

The Only 4 Things You Need to Do to Start Investing

If you know you need to invest, but aren't sure where or how to start, this simplified how-to guide might be the jump start you need.

Protecting Yourself from Heartbleed

Learn about the latest, massive flap in Internet security—called Heartbleed—and how to protect your personal information from fraud.

17 Legal Secrets to Reducing Your Taxes

With a little over a month left to file your taxes, it might be time to make sure you’re taking advantage of every tax break, credit and deduction available to you and your household.

Happy Holidays

We wish all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday season.