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It’s easy to put retirement planning on the back burner, especially when it seems so far away. But the money decisions we make today without thinking could have a huge impact on your financial security in your later years. Here are 5 major money mistakes that might affect your retirement. Source: wisebread.com.

Currency still has its place, despite the pervasive use of plastic.

The new iPhone 7 is out, and demand for the latest device from Apple is huge. Along with the hype is a sky-high price tag — the 256GB version with 5.5-inch display costs just under $1,000. To offset the steep cost of the new phone, selling your old one is a smart idea.

There are an abundance of deals during back-to-school season – from clothing to electronics to snack foods – but not everything is at it seems. Take a look at these 7 back-to-school money traps all parents should avoid to put more money back in your pocket.

Have you ever wondered what simple ways you can reduce your spending? Well, there are many ways you’re losing money but don’t know where to look. This list, compiled by wisebread.com, shows you just where you’re dropping cash fast and don’t even know it.

Shoppers love Amazon for the savings. The online retailer is famous for undercutting the competition, and smart shoppers know there are tricks that can net even greater savings.

It’s easy to concentrate on where you’re spending your money, but it is more fun to think about where you aren’t. There are many ways to get your money’s worth without spending a dime. Freebies are all around us, from books to free samples, and it is always worthwhile to treat yourself when it doesn’t cost a thing.

Summer is coming to a close, and the first day of school is quickly creeping up on us all. If you’re like most parents (or older students), that means tracking down lists full of supplies, books and uniforms.

Identity theft can be a devastating financial emergency, with victims often losing thousands in cash and property. While we spend a lot of time focusing on how to protect online accounts and transactions, the contents of our wallets can still wreak havoc on our finances if they fall into the wrong hands.

Heading off to college is no simple feat. There’s often a huge learning curve to overcome in just your first few weeks on campus, including mastering your class list, making new friends, adjusting to dorm living, and navigating your own finances.

Sales have a way of sucking in even the most frugal of shoppers. While bargain prices can be great for a tight budget, Wise Bread warns that certain types of sales are often nothing more than a retail trick. So if you’re wondering whether you’re saving or wasting money the next time you see a markdown, check out these seven signs to help you separate the good deals from the bad ones.

While myths are often harmless, many of those concerning personal finances could be detrimental to your retirement preparedness.

Most of us tend to live for the weekend, knowing two solid days away from the office will bring some much needed rest and relaxation.

Groceries are a sizeable portion of everyone’s budget. While you can’t completely cut food costs out of your life, there are some easy ways to ensure you save every time you head to the supermarket.

Divorce is a rough topic to address, but statistics continue to show that it’s a life event many of us will encounter.