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Six Strategies to Save Money While Moving

Whether you’re preparing for a child’s move to college or getting ready for a cross-country career change, relocating can be incredibly expensive, and is often part of life that you just can’t avoid.

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Nepal Donations Help the Victims

With last week’s earthquake in Nepal making headlines due to its massive devastation, people around the world are opening their wallets to help with search, recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Protect Your Home and Finances from Spring Storms

Spring is notorious for bringing an abundance of thunderstorms, and with hurricane season following close behind, homes across the country should be preparing to deal with storm-related repairs.

The 7 Worst Travel Values

Summer break is quickly approaching, and with school out for kids of all ages, it’s the perfect time for a vacation.

Six Ways to Cut Your Monthly Bills

No one enjoys paying bills, but rarely do we go out of our way to figure out how we can minimize our heftiest monthly costs.

5 Vital Questions to Ask Before Retirement

While retirement might seem like an idyllic, long-term vacation, it can actually be hard to handle both socially and financially once you’re in the middle of it.

What Should You Do with Extra Cash?

Whether it's a bonus, a tax refund, or a large check from Aunt Sally, extra cash can make a difference in your finances.

Down With Debt: Two Methods to Get You Out of the Red

When you have several sources of debt with varying interest rates and amounts owed, drafting a payment plan to tackle each of them can be daunting.

How to Live Richly When You’re Feeling Broke

While hard times are generally temporary, it doesn’t make changing our lifestyle any easier.

5 Money-Saving Music Festival Hacks

With thousands of visitors clamoring for a chance to see the season’s best shows, tickets, food and even parking costs can quickly get out of hand.