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5 Times Credit Cards Are Smarter Than Cash

Credit cards can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you or a family member have had a difficult time managing them in the past.

6 Types of Money Bullies and How to Avoid Them

Bullies aren’t something only children deal with—they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the intimidation they inflict can be detrimental in far more than just social situations.

10 Money Lessons Learned the Hard Way

There are some hard lessons to be learned throughout life. Unfortunately, those related to finances aren’t often seen or felt until later in adulthood, when consequences can be difficult to deal with.

19 Easy Ways College Students Can Save Throughout the School Year

Ah, college—a time for broadened horizons; self-discovery and living off a diet of pizza, ramen and beer (and maybe cereal). The latter, of course, is justified because it’s cheap… and college students are notoriously broke. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you’re somewhat resourceful.

Top Hustles to Bring in Side Money

If you don’t quite have the time for another job, but are in need of the additional income, turning hobbies and skills into occasional work can bring in a significant amount of money.

7 Ways to Deal with Financial Anxiety Before Retirement

Whether you’ve followed all of the golden rules for saving throughout your life or not, seeing your retirement years slowly creep closer can create some understandable anxiety.

5 Financial Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by 30

When you’re in your 20s, being responsible with money is often the last thing you want to think about—especially when true adulthood (things like kids, a mortgage, bills, and retirement) seems like it’s lightyears away.

How to Avoid 10 Annoying Hotel Fees

It never fails—you book a few nights at a hotel for an eye-catching price, but as soon as your credit card is swiped, the rate seems to double thanks to a number of hidden costs and fees.

5 Dead Giveaways You’re Talking to a Scammer

Whether it’s a phone call, email or mail solicitation, figuring out when a finance-related inquiry is serious versus scam can be intimidating and costly.

15 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for Anything

These days, finding a sale is no hard task, with retailers constantly slashing prices on all types of merchandise.