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5 Ways to Save at Starbucks

Ditching your drive-thru coffee habit could save you hundreds every year, but if that just isn’t an option, using some of these well-known hacks could still help cut your costs considerably.

Surprising Items the IRS Says to Report on Your Taxes

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re taxed on just about every good and service we buy or sell. So, if the only thing currently listed on your taxes is a W-2, you might need to reconsider before filing.

5 Ways Your Health Affects Your Finances

Hang on to those New Year’s resolutions a little while longer—research now shows that taking strides to improve your personal health can often have a parallel effect on money-related issues.

Money Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

While it’s not exactly fun to think about, spouses should have a plan on how to handle their personal finances in case a separation ever occurs.

Cheap Alternatives to Luxury Services

Living a life of luxury is enviable, especially when it comes to all of the tailored services that those with extra cash can splurge on.

What Your Child Should Know About Money by Key Ages

As parents, we know it’s important to teach our kids about money, but actually doing so can be a confusing and difficult task.

Daily Money Traps to Avoid

Financial temptation is everywhere—from that convenient morning coffee run to pop up ads luring you into an online sale, consumer spending traps are nearly impossible to dodge.

Things that Cost Women More

While the gender pay gap is shrinking, it seems price inequalities abound for ladies in categories ranging from clothing to cars and even retirement.

3 Lies Millennials Tell Themselves About Investing

If you’re fresh out of college and still settling into your first cubicle, chances are you’re shunning the thought of setting aside any amount of your paycheck for a retirement that seems a lifetime away.

5 Creative Uses for a 529 Plan

There’s no way around it—college is expensive, and with tuition prices continuing to rise, students won’t see a financial break anytime in the near future.