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Secrets for Finding Cheap Airfare

As we drift closer toward the end of the year, air travel becomes both more necessary and expensive.

Ways to Save $1,000 by Black Friday

If you're looking to join the post-Thanksgiving shopping madness, you'll need some extra cash. Here are a few ways to bolster your Black Friday budget.

15 Important Expenses That You Probably Forgot to Plan For

If you find yourself coming up short on pay day, it might be because you’re overlooking certain irregular, but common, expenses.

Five Things People Who Are Good with Money Never Say

The ability to save, invest and grow your money is often times more of a mindset than it is a true talent. So how do those who are good with money think differently than the rest of us, and why does it make such a difference in their success?

The Best Things to Buy in October

While November is undeniably the best Fall month to stock up on gifts for the holidays, October is known for having a few big deals worth taking advantage of, too.

A lot of life is really about who you know and making sure you hold on to those relationships.

How Long to Keep Any Financial Record

Ever wondered exactly how long you need to stash your financial documents? Here are a few tips that will help you figure out when—and if—those ATM receipts and decade-old tax returns can be tossed.

Common Financial Fears and How to Conquer Them

Chances are you’re no longer kept awake at night by fears of monsters under your bed, so what worries are leaving you wide awake? For most Americans, it’s a number of financial stressors.

20 Easy Things That Will Make You the Next Millionaire

If you’re looking to blaze a path toward your first million, you have to be more than just an investment savvy person—you have to be financially responsible.

7 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

Celebrating all things scary on Halloween doesn’t have to mean spooking your wallet.