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How to Improve Your Finances in Under 20 Minutes

Carving out time to organize your finances can be dreadful.

5 Insurance Changes to Make When You Retire

With insurance plans recommended on nearly everything from our physical health to personal possessions, premiums tend to make up a huge portion of our expenses throughout adulthood.

Four Ways to Get the Best Financial Aid Deal

With tuition rates continuing to skyrocket, choosing to attend college can mean subjecting yourself or your child to decades of debt.

How to Become A Better Airbnb Host

How to Become A Better Airbnb Host

Damian Davila for LongLiveYourMoney.com

From shopping and delivering groceries to completing tasks, there are many ways to participate in the gig economy. However, becoming an Airbnb host appears to be among the most profitable ones.

8 Ways to Save on Smartphone Costs While Traveling

It seems no one can live without their smartphone anymore.

Six Things Every College Graduate Needs to Know About Money

A new crop of college grads is making its way into the world this month, meaning thousands of young adults are learning to juggle careers, debts, budgets, and bills for the first time ever.

Negotiate Better Prices on These 6 Grocery Store Buys

Being unafraid of negotiation is one of the easiest ways to ensure you get the best price available on a product.

Best Money Moves When You Get Laid Off

The thought of being handed a pink slip is enough to induce nightmares in nearly every working adult.

5 Bad Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Growing kids seem to soak up every ounce of information they encounter, learning from each move—good or bad—made by those around them.

6 Common Credit Card Questions You Haven’t Asked

While it’s pretty easy to get a credit card, actually navigating everything from interest rates to rewards and balance transfers can be confusing and costly.