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6 Things You Must Know About Pet Insurance

Premiums can be pricey, but investing in pet insurance might help defray some of those expensive vet costs.

Money-Saving Habits that Can Backfire

Try as we might, sometimes the most well-intentioned plans can end up wreaking havoc on our ability to stick to a budget.

7 Common Estate-Planning Blunders Not To Make

Estate planning is one of the last things most adults want to think about. Consider these tips to help get the process started smoothly.

Win College Scholarship Money with Budget Challenge

If you’ve ever needed a reason to spend some serious time helping your teenager learn the ins and outs of personal finances, H&R Block now has a huge incentive for you—over $3 million in student scholarships and classroom grants.

The Best Places to Hide Emergency Cash at Home

Having emergency cash on-hand is imperative, but where is the safest place to hide it?

How to Make Your Income Last for Decades During Retirement

When you hit the age at which you start looking toward and planning an official retirement date, don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a lot of questions about how to retire right, and most importantly, how to keep your income steady throughout your non-working years.

The Best Time to Sell Your Old iPhone

Yesterday’s tech announcement about the impending arrival of a bigger and better iPhone 6 had consumers instantly ready to ditch their old phones in favor of the new product.

New Price-matching Program Saves You Time and Money

If you’re looking for an easy way to save without spending hours clipping coupons—and don’t mind regular trips to your local Walmart shopping center—the store’s latest money-saving creation might be your new go-to mobile app and website.

Five Financial Things You Must Do Together After Your Wedding

If you’ve said your “I Dos” and are now all but settled into life as a married couple, it’s time to start sorting out your personal finances.

Tricks to Help You Snag the Best Deals Online

Ever heard of dynamic pricing? Online shops are starting to use this new, automated model to set—and often change—the cost of the merchandise they’re selling.