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12 Everyday Money Tasks You've Been Doing Wrong

Have you ever wondered what simple ways you can reduce your spending? Well, there are many ways you’re losing money but don’t know where to look. This list, compiled by wisebread.com, shows you just where you’re dropping cash fast and don’t even know it.

3 Hacks to Save Money On Amazon.com

Shoppers love Amazon for the savings.

6 Dumb Places You’re Leaving Your Money

Old habits and new technologies alike make it easy to throw our money out into the universe—and promptly forget about where it’s gone or why we put it there.

5 Financial Moves You Should Make 5 Years Before Retirement

Planning for retirement is a lifelong pursuit. Building a sizeable nest egg takes years of saving diligently and being smart with other finance-related issues.

8 Awesome Freebies Everyone Can Enjoy

It’s easy to concentrate on where you’re spending your money, but it is more fun to think about where you aren’t. There are many ways to get your money’s worth without spending a dime. Freebies are all around us, from books to free samples, and it is always worthwhile to treat yourself when it doesn’t cost a thing.

10 Expensive Habits You Can, and Should, Break Today

Everyone holds on to some bad habits, and while many are inconsequential, those that involve money could ultimately take a big toll on our finances.

5 Pain-Free Strategies to Start Saving for Retirement (Without Depriving Yourself)

Earning money—and then promptly putting it away for use decades in the future—is hard, especially when it means skipping happy hour, a trip to the mall, and any other number of

5 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

We talk a lot about preparing for your retirement, discussing how laying out clear plans and saving early can prevent a lot of financial stress later in life.

10 Money Moves to Make Before the Leaves Change

The heat is finally starting to dissipate, kids are headed back to the classroom, and before long, our lush, green weather is going to lead us right into the cold, snow-filled holiday season.

6 Things That Cost Women More in Retirement

Women have fought through differences and inequalities for ages, and while social and financial gaps are finally beginning to equal out, the prices paid for certain amenities aren’t likely to budge—even in retirement.