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Great Tips That’ll Save You Hundreds on Your Next Trip

Travel is easily one of the more fun things to fund as an adult. Even then, plane tickets and hotel stays can quickly run up a tab of thousands—and paying that bill can be awfully painful.

11 Overlooked Tax Breaks that Can Save You Hundreds

If you prepared your own documents this year, you might want to review them one more time before sending them in.

Best Time to Buy Big-Ticket Items

Mark your calendars—big-ticket items like appliances, cars, computers, and mattresses have specific months when you can find them at their largest discounts, and many of them center around huge national holidays.

Money & Relationships: Mixing Friends, Family and Finances

With as many as 10 money-related decisions being made each day, some of them are bound to involve those around you.

7 Ways to Make Money from Spring Cleaning

If a thorough spring cleaning isn’t on your to-do list this season, there are a few financial incentives that might just make you change your mind and start emptying out closets.

11 Simple Steps to Help You Pay Off Any Type of Debt

Finding a way to dig out from underneath stacks of bills and IOUs is possible, and is often attainable by following just a few simple savings strategies.

10 Essential Banking Terms You Need to Know

For most of us, even the most essential of financial terms rarely cross our minds, leaving us frustrated and aloof when it comes to tasks like checking credit card statements, choosing a savings plan, or buying a house.

Four Ways to Protect Your Pot of Gold

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and with the Irish celebration comes visions of shamrocks, corned beef and cabbage, and leprechauns standing guard over their enviable, overflowing pots of gold.

8 Places to Find Free Money

Millions of dollars go unclaimed each year, thanks to old pension plans, tax refunds, stock certificates, insurance benefits, and other out-of-sight places where we store our cash—and promptly forget about it.

10 Surprising Ways Spring Is Going to Cost You

As we dig out of the season that brought us record snowfalls and frigid temperatures, you’re likely praising the arrival of spring, warmer weather, and the end of those sky-high heating bills.